Safety Certificate Gold Coast

Alpine Mechanical Service is an approved inspection station for car safety certificates on the Gold Coast. Also known as Roadworthy Certificates. We are centrally located in Mermaid Beach, near Pacific Fair shopping centre. 

 When do I need a Safety Certificate?

If you are selling a registered vehicle, you will need to obtain and display a Queensland safety certificate from the moment you offer the vehicle for sale. The safety certificate must be displayed on a conspicuous part of the vehicle.

safety certificate label If you fail to display a Queensland safety certificate on the vehicle from the moment you offer it for sale you are subject to receiving an on-the-spot fine of $500.

When can a vehicle be sold without a Safety Certificate?

The only time vehicles offered for sale do not require a certificate is when they are unregistered or when they are traded to, or between, licensed motor dealers. Vehicles can still be sold for parts or restoration, but they must be de-registered before being offered for sale.

When can a vehicle be transferred without a Safety Certificate?

Some exemption situations may include:

  • Disposer is in an exempt area
  • To a beneficiary of a deceased estate
  • Between spouses, including separated spouses
  • Remote locations
How long do they last?
  • Safety Certificates for private sellers remain valid for 2 months or 2,000 km (whichever comes first).
  • Motor Dealers Safety Certificates are valid for 3  months or 1,000 km (whichever comes first).
What happens if my vehicle fails the Safety Inspection?

If the your vehicle fails the Inspection, you have 14 day to rectify any problems and re-present the vehicle for a second inspection. As long as it is inspected with-in the 14 days, there is no extra charge.

For more detailed information visit our dedicated car roadworthy website: Safety Certificate Gold Coast

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