For Nitrogen tyre inflation on the Gold Coast, we have got you covered.

Alpine Mechanical Service is your nitrogen tyre package specialist. Over the years we have seen how much money people have spent on replacing tyres prematurely. Their tyres have worn unevenly due to low tyre pressures.

How often are you checking your tyre pressures?woman pumping up car tyre
Do you find it difficult to find somewhere to go, to have them checked?
Are you always finding them low on pressure, and having to top them up?

If you are one of the many who don’t check your tyre pressures regularly, you need Nitrogen in your tyres.

There are many benefits of using Nitrogen over compressed air for tyre inflation.

Maintains correct tyre pressure 6 times longer than air
A tyre filled with compressed air can lose around 2 psi per month. With Nitrogen, it can take 6 months to lose 2 psi.
Increase tyre life
Up to 40% longer tyre life when filled with Nitrogen, as correct tyre pressure results in more even tyre wear.
Tyres inflated with normal compressed air contain moisture; this moisture can cause tyre rot also reducing tyre life.
Improved fuel economy
An under inflated tyre increases rolling resistance. Nitrogen filled tyres maintain correct pressure for longer and can improve fuel economy up to 10%.
Better handling and safety
Tyre pressure stays constant when using Nitrogen, irrespective of tyre temperature. Correct tyre pressure ensures optimum vehicle handling and safety.
Improved safety with a reduction in tyre blow-outs
Under-inflated tyres cause 90% of blow-outs. Nitrogen filled tyres maintain correct pressure for longer and run cooler, reducing the risk of blow-outs.

Over inflated tyres will wear the centre of your tyre, where as under inflation will wear the outer edges of your tyes.

tyre pressure chart


Oxygen molecules cause tyre deflation

Plain old compressed air is made up of 21% oxygen molecules and 78% nitrogen molecules. The oxygen molecules are 1/4 of the size of nitrogen molecules. The only reason a tyre loses pressure (without the tyre having a puncture or a leaky valve) is because the oxygen molecules are so small, they simply leak out of the side walls of the tyre. Tyres that are inflated with high purity nitrogen stay inflated 6 times longer. This is because the Nitrogen molecules are 4 times larger than the oxygen molecules and leakage is significantly reduced.

Bottom line: Oxygen is bad for tyres!

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