For a great range of car batteries on the Gold Coast, contact us at Alpine Mechanical Service, we are located near Pacific Fair Shopping Centre in Mermaid Beach. We carry a wide range of maintenance free batteries to suit most cars.

As you can imagine, your car battery plays an important role in your car’s operation. There are many things to take into consideration when buying a battery; driving habits, frequency of driving trips, weather and using powered accessories. These can all impact on a batteries service life and reliability. Our technicians will give you the right advice.

Car batteries are often the most neglected part of the vehicle. Their failure can be difficult to predict. We tend to only pay attention to them after we notice issues with them or when the car just won’t start.

Car technology has changed dramatically over the years, battery technology has also changed.
Now days you may not even get any warning signs of your battery starting to fail. In some cases with modern vehicles today if the battery fails totally, you won’t even be able to get the transmission out of park to push it.

Battery testing equpiment with printer

This is why we use state of the art battery testing equipment, so we can test a battery in any state of charge, also testing your starter motor and alternator to ensure they are functioning correctly.

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